BISSE - singer-songwriter

ZOE EFSTATHIOU - prepared piano

GHOST FLUTE & DICE - electroacoustic piano

Concert: 20:00 Doors: 19:30

Tickets: 150 DKK - Tickets here

Tickets at the door: 180 DKK


Candlelights, blue and yellow socks, field rations, toiletpaper with Putins face on - these are some of the objects Piano Days Copenhagen has collected from Ukraine to tell a different story about the war. These objects have been sent to Denmark and given to the artists who will make a brand new piece of music by putting them inside the piano. At the festival each artist will premiere their new piece with the objects placed directly on the strings of the piano, and by listening to these sounds of war we hope the audience will experience a deeper understanding of the situation in Ukraine.

For more background about the objects click here.

BISSE is the artist name of talented singer-songwriter Thorbjørn Radisch Bredkjær. Since releasing his first album in 2014 he has made at least 10 more - all of them with great reviews from the press. He has won The Carl Prize for Best Lyrics in 2018 and has been nominated for the Nordic Music Prize twice already. Lately, Bisse has been touring a solo-show where he accompanies himself on piano. Therefore, it is the perfect time to present him at Piano Days Copenhagen.

Bisse's Youtube Page

ZOE EFSTATHIOU is originally from Greece but now living in Sweden. She has studied both classical and jazz piano, improvisation and electronic music. She also lived in Denmark for two years while studying at the Royal Danish Music Conservatory. As a composer and improviser she is focused on exploring the timbral possibilities of the piano and the relationships between pianist and technologies. She does this by extensive preparation of the piano and combining the acoustic sounds with electronic effects. Her latest large scale work - "Athroa" - was composed for prepared piano, electronics and light installation and presented at Nording Music Days 2019.


GHOST FLUTE & DICE is the electroacoustic piano-project of Mikkel Almholt. Almholt focuses on the piano’s more quirky and dissonant elements and enlarges these aspects with the use of electronic effects and alternative techniques. Almholt has toured in Germany and USA as well as releasing a handful of albums. The latest project was a 6-channel surround-concert composed specifically to be performed inside an enormous water tower.



Piano Days Copenhagen focuses on a new generation of musicians who have in common that they are pianists and composers combined. We will be presenting concerts that feature perfect fusions of technical ability and compositionel technique, music that expresses each artists personal and innovative vision. The festival is inspired by an idea by pianist Nils Frahm to arrange piano concerts everywhere on the 88th day of the year - referencing the 88 keys of the piano. The first Piano Days event in Copenhagen took place in 2019 at Koncertkirken Blågårds Plads.

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